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Authentic Mexican Food In Tucson

You may have heard the term authentic when describing food before. Some restaurants love to throw this adjective around when talking about their food. However, what exactly makes a certain food or dish authentic? Here at Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food, the top-rated Mexican restaurant in Tucson, we provide some of the best Mexican food to all of our customers. The best part? We do it 24 hours a day. What makes our food so delicious and authentic? Keep scrolling to learn more about authentic foods and see what we can make for you, or order online right now and get fresh Mexican food delivered right to your front door in no time at all.

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Authentic Mexican Food Riliberto’s Serves:

  • Tacos

  • Burritos

  • Quesadillas

  • Enchiladas

  • Tostadas

  • Tortas

  • And more!

What Makes Food Authentic

Who Is Riliberto’s?

Before we get into what makes food authentic, we thought we could introduce ourselves. Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food is our name, but you can call us Riliberto’s for short if you’d like. Established in 2016, we’ve provided fresh Mexican food to the great people of Tucson, AZ since our doors first opened. Using locally sourced ingredients, as well as traditional Mexican recipes, we create hand-crafted dishes that are sure to be on everyone’s greatest hit list. While our food is fast and convenient, that doesn’t mean we use fresh, healthy ingredients to create quality food for all of our guests.

All of our food is made in-house daily by our experienced and friendly staff. Using superior ingredients that are found right here in the great state of Arizona, Riliberto’s is sure to become your new favorite restaurant after your first bite. With several locations around Tucson, and more opening up soon, you can get quality Mexican food without having to adventure too far at all. Find us on your favorite food delivery app, and you can get our top-rated Mexican food delivered to your door at any time since we’re open 24 hours a day.

View all of our locations to find the closest restaurant to you, and order Riliberto’s online to get our fresh Mexican food delivered right to you at any time.

What Is Authentic Food?

So, what makes food authentic? It’s not just that the food exists and you can reach out, touch it, interact with it, and consume it. While that is an important part of the equation, when restaurants say they have authentic food, they’re usually describing something else. The most common reason restaurants say they provide authentic food, which pertains to drinks as well, is because they serve the same food that they commonly advertise. Have you ever seen those giant, mouthwatering burgers in ads, only to receive a sandwich that’s actually half the size and half as enjoyable? That’s why most fast food places don’t advertise their food as being authentic.

Authentic food can also refer to a person or restaurant’s use of traditional recipes and cooking methods. Every culture has their own kind of cuisine, which is usually formed by the region in which they live. These foods and cooking traditions are passed down from generation to generation, allowing people to connect with family, friends, and others in their community. In this sense, food is usually made from scratch from locally grown and gathered ingredients.

Here at Riliberto’s, we stick to both of these definitions of authentic Mexican food. Using traditional recipes, as well as locally-sourced ingredients, our food is all made from scratch. We also make all of our dishes in-house, meaning you won’t be paying for microwaved meals you could’ve picked up at your local grocery store. Additionally, we make our food as advertised, so you won’t have to guess at what you might be getting when you order your favorite meal.

When you come to Riliberto’s, you’ll always get fresh, authentic Mexican food made exactly how you order it. If you’re looking to get a delicious meal fast, then be sure to come to our top-rated Mexican restaurant. With multiple locations around Tucson, you can get the best Mexican food in no time at all.

Authentic Mexican Food We Offer

Now that we’ve established what authentic food is, let us show you some of the fresh Mexican food we can make for you. While there’s a bit too much to show you everything here, feel free to check out our online menu to see everything we can make for you at any of our locations.



One of the most delicious foods on the planet, tacos are a staple here at Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food. You can choose between street tacos, traditional tacos, or our rolled tacos, all of which are delicious and are sure to leave you with a full belly, as well as a smile. Pick your favorite filling, add on anything you like, and enjoy your new favorite tacos. With beef, chicken, and fish options, you’re sure to find the perfect taco that fits your taste here at Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food.

If you’re craving tacos in Tucson, then our authentic tacos are your perfect option at any time of day.



Another classic Mexican dish, burritos are as versatile as they are portable. At Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food, we can create some of the most mouthwatering burritos you’ve ever seen or tasted. From signature burritos like our California or Arizona burrito to more traditional options like our carnitas and pollo asado burritos, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you here at Riliberto’s. We even have vegetarian options, as well as the ever popular breakfast burritos, which are served all day long. Get adventurous or stick with what you know you love. Either way, you’re going to love the burritos here at Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food.



Who knew something so simple could be so delicious? If you’ve never had one before, a quesadilla is just a folded tortilla with melted cheese and other ingredients inside. If you’re looking for the best quesadilla you’ve ever had, then Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food has the perfect menu for you. Our signature quesadillas make for amazing main courses and sides, depending on how hungry you may be.

Whether you go with our chicken, carne asada, shrimp, or just plain cheese quesadilla, you’ll love every second you have with one of our delicious quesadillas.



Everyone has fond memories of the first time they had enchiladas. Whether it’s an every day meal or a once in a while treat, there are hardly ever any leftover enchiladas for a good reason. Somewhat similar to a burrito, enchiladas are smaller dishes that fill you up fast. Usually filled with cheese, you can also incorporate other ingredients to make the perfect dish.

At Riliberto’s, you can choose beef, chicken, chile rellenos, and other delicious enchiladas to fill you up and keep you happy, no matter what time you get them. Pick up your order today, or order online and have our enchiladas delivered right to you.


Other dishes we offer:

  • Tortas

  • Tostadas

  • Chips & salsa

  • Salads

  • Combination plates

  • Breakfast plates

Want to see everything you can get from the best Mexican restaurant in Tucson?

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